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4.5" Double Sided Clock With Case

Our Price: $1,299.00

Product Code: 4INCH-CLOCK-DS

This is our most popular clock. It's a double-sided clock with six 4" digits on both sides. It's a little heavier than the single sided due to the extra battery inside. While the single sided clock is only 14.4 pounds, the double sided clock is 17.7 pounds which is still fairly light. Other than digits on both sides, and a little extra weight, our double sided clock is identical to the single sided clock. All lightbox clocks come with a case to protect them when being transported.

The clock is charged using a standard power cord (included). Charging lights on the side indicate charging level. When the light is solid RED, the clock is charging, when it starts to blink GREEN, the clock is 90% charged. When it's solid GREEN, the clock is fully charged. The built-in trickle-charger can be left connected without damaging the batteries. Like all
sealed lead acid batteries, you need to keep them fully charged to extend their lives. Replacement batteries are available at Batteries PLUS stores.

Simple Controls: Easy to understand pushbutton controls on the side allow you to set the hours, minutes and seconds, count up or down, stop the clock, or reset the clock back to zero.

Flush Buttons: We have upgraded our choice of buttons to be flush mounted so they will not break off when the clock is being tossed around in the back of a truck or when storing the clocks in a case.

Never Forgets Time: The clock always remembers the count even when the clock is turned off. Once the time is set, you can shut the clock off for as long as you need and when you turn it back on, the clock continues as though it was never turned off. This is a great power-saving feature if you need to transport the clock to a split location along a course. (only works when counting up)

2.4Ghz Radio Transceiver: All of our clocks now have an internal 2.4Ghz transceiver which allows one clock to be set from another. Simply set 1 clock, then push the "broadcast time" button and any other "Rx" series clock within a 30 Meter range will be automatically set. This feature is most useful when setting clocks along a race course.

2 PPM Accuracy: That means that if 2 clocks were started, after 1 million seconds (11.5 days), they would only be different by plus or minus 2 seconds

Charging Indicators: 1 LED indicator on the side of the clock indicate the state of charging. Blinking Red means there's a bad connection, solid red means the batteries are charging and the charge level is below 90%, blinking green means the batteries are charging and the charge level is above 90%, solid green means the batteries are fully charged.

Weight: 17.7 Pounds
Height: 8.5"
Depth: 4.25"
Length: 27.25"
Batteries: (2) 12V 2.9Ah Sealed Lead Acid
Run Time: 10 Hours on battery, indefinitely when plugged in.

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