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Oscelot - The on-site server
Our Price: $1,999.00

The Oscelot is a powerful on-site server used to accept race day registrations and for downloading and displaying race results. An integrated Verizon cellular modem is used to connect to the Internet, but the device will operate fine without the internet.

An internal 410 Watt inverter so it can power high-speed printers and other 120V devices for a period of a few hours. A battery monitor on the site shows how much power is available. The server will operate indefinitely when plugged in and depending on usage, will operate 4-6 hours on batteries (less depending on the number of 120V items connected).

A single Oscelot will support up to 16 kiosks, 6 iResults clocks and 6 TV's. The Oscelot is the central server that drives all on-site hardware.

Configuration of the Oscelot is done through an ipad.